We look out for the interest of our guests and property owners, who are also our customers. Many of our property owners count on the income generated by renting their properties, and when a week is canceled, they lose that revenue if their property does not re-rent for the cancelled week. Maine has a short rental season, and owner revenue counts towards paying property taxes, maintenance, and upkeep for the properties we offer for rent.

Once a reservation is confirmed, any cancellations, changes of dates, or switching of properties will invoke the Cancellation Policy. Please be sure of your intentions and understanding of the legal Cancellation Policy between Guest and BHBPR, on behalf of Property Owner.

Cancellation requests must be provided in writing. Our cancellation policy is strictly followed, and renters are strongly encouraged to purchase trip insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

In the event of cancellation, refund of payments received will be made only to the extent that a guest can be found to occupy the vacated time period reserved under the Contract (Rental Agreement). The renter will lose all monies paid except for cleaning fee and tax unless we are able to re-rent the time period, less $200 per rental week cancellation fee. We cannot guarantee that the property can be re-rented or re-rented at the same rental rate. In such cases, the refund will be adjusted to reflect the actual rental rate paid. In the event BHBPR is not successful in re-renting the property, the guest will not receive a refund of monies paid except for cleaning fee and tax.

This Cancellation Policy is strictly adhered to and Guests are encouraged to purchase trip insurance that will cover Guests in situations as set forth in the Cancellation Policy should Guests need to cancel.

If, in the rare occurrence that the owner must cancel the reservation, the owner will do so in writing and will provide a full refund to the guest within 7 days of the cancellation through BHBPR, and BHBPR will provide rental suggestions for guest’s consideration if requested. BHBPR will do everything in our power to avoid owner cancellation and will assist our guests with finding an alternative desirable accommodation if cancellation cannot be avoided.